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The CLEAR Program is one of the distinctive features our college has on offer for students. The program uses a series of weekly lessons that are year-level specific to equip students with knowledge on topics such as faith, wellbeing, study skills, life skills and future pathways. Through the CLEAR Program, students are holistically educated, empowered to engage with life and learning challenges, and equipped for life after school.


Clearview is a Christ-centred learning community, and we believe that faith contributes richly to our students' lives. Through the CLEAR program, students:

  • Learn about the Christian faith with a focus on who God is and His nature.

  • Explore their identity in Christ and the value He places on each of them.

  • Begin a journey of discovering their own unique gifts and talents.

  • Participate in servant leadership activities that develop empathy towards others.

  • Discover the importance of good stewardship of their local place and the global environment. 


We care deeply about the wellbeing of every student entrusted in our care, and we believe it's important our students are equipped to deal with personal challenges in a healthy and supportive learning environment. Through the CLEAR program, students explore year-level targeted wellbeing themes, providing age-appropriate guidance and toolkits on common issues faced by young people.

Study Skills

We believe all students can develop effective study skills that will boost their confidence and competence in the classroom. Through the CLEAR program, students discover learning tools and study skills that will help them engage successfully in their education and persist through learning challenges.


Life Skills

Beyond their academic goals, we hope all students at Clearview are prepared and equipped for a successful life beyond school. Through the CLEAR Program, students explore important life skills such as career pathways, financial management and responsible driver education to prepare them for independent living.


Future Pathways

Our primary interest at Clearview is our students’ journey to become young adults with a clear picture of who they are and where they are going. Through the CLEAR Program, students connect with people across a variety of career pathways and learn more about the nature of their jobs. Over the course of Year 9 and 10, they build their knowledge and understanding of senior pathways choices to prepare them for their Senior Education and Training Plan (SET).

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