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Creative Arts

A range of creative arts expressions are promoted at Clearview through our Creative Arts programs. Students experience photography challenges, visual art and design projects, and individual, group and collaborative projects to produce works both for personal skill development and corporate display. Activities are student-driven and based on areas of particular interest.


Our environment is a major focus for the Clearview Christian College community. We encourage students to participate and develop a deeper interest in their local environment. Students engage in activities in the college facilities and in the Canoe Point precinct to learn about and contribute to conserving local species and enhancing their surroundings through natural and built environments.


Technologies is an exciting extra-curricular opportunity for students to explore areas of interest in design and digitally inspired activities. Students determine collective areas of interest to pursue such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics STEAM, lego club, design challenges and digital innovations.

Sports and Leisure

Clearview students participate in Friday afternoon sports and leisure activities. Sports and leisure activities utilise access to local sporting venues and natural surroundings. Individual and team sports will promote opportunities for students to undertake new challenges, build interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and improve their physical health and wellbeing.


Performance Band

Performance Band at Clearview is focused on performing within the local community. Performance Band is aimed at extending students’ musical gifts in creating and presenting a range of styles and expressions of music.

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