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Welcome to Clearview

It is a privilege to lead Clearview Christian College as the founding principal of Boyne Tannum’s first independent Christian secondary college.


Clearview has a vision for education that understands the importance of young people being connected to and flourishing in a strong support network. Our school’s Christ-centred, holistic education program provides growth opportunities beyond just academic goals, holding a focus on students’ physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. We believe our strong partnerships with parents make a significant difference in improving positive learning outcomes for your child.


As an educational organisation, we firmly believe that what we invest in our young people today, plays an important part in shaping the future of our incredible community.


Our school’s hybrid outdoor education model is intentionally focused on connecting our students to the unique environment and community in which they live, through authentic learning opportunities. We aspire for our students to develop a love of learning and to adopt a growth mindset that allows them to persist through learning challenges. Clearview provides a learning environment that educates our students to genuinely care for the world in which they live. We want our students to develop into responsible citizens, who are responsive to local and world issues and connected to their local community.


At Clearview, our desire is to ensure our students graduate with a ‘clear view’ of who they are. We want every Clearview student to experience a learning journey in which they feel genuinely cared for, safe in their individuality, strengthened in their character development, and empowered to confidently follow future pathways opportunities.


I invite you to join my next Principal Tour, visit our amazing learning site and find out all about how we do education differently at Clearview, to set your child up for success!

Melanie Loosmore


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