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Beachside Learning


We love our beautiful, beachside campus and we know you will too! Clearview's facilities provide excellent opportunities for young people to learn in nature and engage with our local community. While the existing buildings accommodate the College's present needs, Clearview will outgrow these facilities in the coming years. A master plan is currently being developed and we expect the expansion of Clearview's building program to commence by 2024. Our plan is to create innovative learning spaces that complement and sustain the diverse ecology within the Canoe Point Precinct. We also look forward to partnering with local arts, environmental and scientific communities to establish projects that develop school pride and give back to local community needs.

Initial Site Campus Plan

Clearview offers a range of facilities – both on-site and off-site – that create dynamic learning experiences and support the College's innovative hybrid outdoor education learning model.

  • 2x General Learning Areas

  • Hospitality Centre

  • Library and Technology Centre

  • Outdoor Learning Classrooms

  • Multi-Purpose Sports Facilities

  • Access to Tannum Tennis Courts

  • Access to the wider Canoe Point Precinct

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