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Caring for our Students

At Clearview, we care deeply about each of our students and our mission is to nurture the physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing of every learner entrusted into our care. We believe the path to wellbeing is connection, so we endeavour to help each of our students get connected to their God-given purpose, their community, and their peers. Our College uses a variety of support systems to ensure each of our students feel known, cared for, and supported through the ups and downs of life. 

Pastoral Care Teachers

Pastoral Care plays a key role in our approach to educating the whole student. We believe wellbeing is strengthened through connection and a key to students developing a strong feeling of connectedness is simply being known. Each young person at Clearview is assigned a Pastoral Care Teacher whose role is to know and build relationships with students and their families. These teachers endeavour to connect with students on a daily basis and take an active interest in all areas of their wellbeing, so they can provide early and proactive support to help students become the best they can be.


Chapel Services

Clearview is a Christ-centred learning community and we believe that faith contributes richly to our students' lives. We are committed to graduating not only minds full of knowledge, but hearts full of faith, hope and love. Our dynamic chapel services, which happen fortnightly, are an important part of caring for our students and building a strong Christian culture in our college. At Chapel, students have the opportunity to hear upbeat and practical biblical messages relevant to their lives.

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